Thursday, 18 November 2010

Hitoshi Machida's Planet Magic

Today's blog is dedicated to introducing a Japanese photographer to the UK. Hitoshi Machida has travelled widely and will continue to do so in search of beautiful scenery to photograph. His work is not just limited to scenery as he also enjoys working with portraits. Entitled Planet Magic, his collection of images take us to places that most of us can only dream about.

Countries of particular interest to Hitoshi are India, Madagascar and the Seychelles. A theme of pure nature runs through all of his work providing us with amazing timeless images that one would never grow tired from viewing.

Hitoshi's website showcases his skill at capturing nature at its most beautiful and is easy to navigate for non-Japanese as much of it is in English. To view the website, please visit

Hitoshi Machida has enjoyed exhibitions in Japan, including a photo exhibition at the Embassy for Madagascar, but has yet to exhibit here in the UK. All enquiries regarding his work are welcome via email to