Wednesday 29 June 2011

GLASTONBURY 2011 review

Worthy Farm was the setting yet again for the UK's (if not Europe's) largest summer gathering. Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts was again a massive mix of contemporary music, dance, comedy, theatre, circus, cabaret and other arts spread over many fields with different themes. Stages, large and small, spread across the valley supplied something for everyone of the 135,000 guests.

Stall holders generally arrive to Worthy Farm on the Sunday or Monday prior to the festival. This means a whole week of wondering what weather the next day will bring. It is fair to say that the weather for the most part was fairly wet and miserable followed by a Sunday of beautiful sunshine.

This year Sorazora had the great pleasure of joining the Green Fields and being surrounded by beautiful people with a great interest in the environment and also traditional crafts.
Starting in the 1970's, Glastonbury was heavily influenced by hippie ethics and the free festival movement. Michael Eavis (pictured above) has retained these early roots with the Green Fields area which now includes Green Futures, Green Crafts and the Healing Field.

I did see one tent thrown to the side of a muddy track near a large stage. I guess someone didn't notice the signs all around the festival's stage areas.

An added delight for me was the opportunity to join a free green woodworking workshop. Unseasoned wood is soft and easy to work with, all I had to master was a draw knife and shaving horse. The workshop was brought to the Green Crafts area by Guy Mallinson who is the director of woodland workshops in West Dorset. The coracle pictured above is just one of the many craft courses available at Higher Holditch Farm. View their website for full details of all their courses. The cooking spatula from my Glastonbury workshop is already being put to good use.

Block 9 and Avalon where areas that impressed me greatly. The effort that went into the decor of the bars and clubs was something you would expect to find on the set of a science fiction or disaster movie. I did not get to see these areas at night, but chose to have a wander through the mud at a far less busy time of day.

I guess with a larger attendance than any other festival to my knowledge, there is bound to be an element of clearing up after the event. With Glastonbury's own motto of "Love The Farm. Leave No Trace" it is quite clear that environmental issues are far from the forefront of most festies' minds!

The festival will not be held in 2012, giving the fields (and organisers) a fallow year. Michael Eavis cited the shortage and likely cost of portable toilets, due to the 2012 Summer Olympics, as being amongst the reasons. Also Avon and Somerset police usually deploy around 600 officers at Glastonbury, but they will be instead used to beef up security in London.

We would like to thank all those involved in the festival and we are extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to join the Green Fields this year. We look forward to 2013.

GoGo Festival

The 17th to 19th of June saw Sorazora exhibiting our range of products for the first time at Kent's Headcorn Aerodrome for the annual GoGo Festival.

The weather wasn't so kind for the entire duration of the festival and one particular stall holder had to leave early as wind picked up their marquee and dropped it onto an unfortunate bystander. Regardless of the weather, all of the festival campers seemed to keep their spirits up over the weekend.

Being held at an aerodrome meant that there were some activities on offer that you would struggle to find at any other festival. Wing-walking was perhaps the most surprising along with skydiving, helicopter or plane rides and even a trip in a hot air balloon. I didn't see any hot air balloons and imagine this was due to the strong winds.

GoGo Festival was all about having fun and it is safe to say that fun was had by all of the campers, even those whose tents leaked in the downpours! The wind and rain may have stopped all aircraft activity on the Saturday, but the bar seemed busy and the dance tent even more so when the heavens opened!

A weekend designed for lesbian and bisexual women was an unusual choice for Sorazora to exhibit at. We incorrectly imagined a more alternative lifestyle crowd, although there was enough appreciation of natural fibres and natural dyes to be found hidden amoungst the party people. I would recommend this festival to any lesbian or bisexual woman who enjoys a good drink and dance and wishes to meet like minded souls, but as for the actual festival experience itself, there are many others with a little bit more going on. All of the airbourne activities are always available at the aerodrome at a cost and not specific to GoGo. These extreme activities seemed a tad over budget for the customers I spoke to and it is hard to say how many took advantage.  

We would like to thank the festival organisers for inviting us to come along and be part of the big weekend and wish them all the success for future festivals.

Sunday 12 June 2011

South Of England Show 2011 : Review

The third event of our 2011 season has now flown past and a whole year now stands before the next South Of England Show held each June in Ardingly.

The weather was typically English for the event's duration, but plenty of smiles were to be seen, especially from Ecovillage's Vicky and Amanda. Ecovillage helps to support and promote green businesses who wish to have a presence at large shows across the country. To visit their website, please click here!

Greenman Carpentry was one business we found a great interest in. Astley and Steve specialise in the repair and construction of timber framed buildings. There's very little these guys don't know about working with wood and they're more than helpful with any questions regarding their skills and techniques. To visit their website, please click here!

Outside of the ecovillage, layout and exhibiting stalls seemed similar to last year, with perhaps slighty less this time around. The weather was pretty miserable Thursday and Friday with Saturday remaining dry for the most part. I still can't get used to weather like this in June!!

The Royal Signals Motorcycle Display Team put on a show twice daily to an enthusiastic crowd. The main arena constantly hosted events throughout the show, but I only managed to catch five minutes on the Friday.

Monday 6 June 2011


The festival season has only just started and it feels to be flying by at an uncomfortable speed (much like the UK's summertime!)
The weekend just passed saw another event draw to a close. London Green fair was held in Regents Park and free for all to wonder in and check out all the activities, workshops and entertainment.

A large area within the park was set aside for the festivities. I am not sure if a higher turnout was expected or whether a widely spread out event was aimed for. The Saturday was glorious for this part of the world, although wind played havock with any gazeebo or marquee not built for windy wide open spaces. Sunday was overcast from the morning and early afternoon drizzle led to constant rain.  This was our second event of the year and second time to pack down in the rain. Let's hope the coming weekend breaks the unlucky spell!

This event, formally known as Camden Green Fair, was attended by a wide variety of ages and nationalities and also a great meeting point for environmentally minded people. Pictured below is one happy Sorazora customer.

We would like to thank this customer for allowing us to use these photos for our blog and we'd also like to apologies for not catching her names. We hope her new dungarees bring a smile to her face each and every time she wears them!

Pictured below is one of two movers & groovers who brought smiles to all. He had style, class & rhythm and he wasn't afraid to use them!

Among the many workshops and activities, the photo below shows the technique required to build mud shelters. I didn't get a chance to see how well it held up in Sunday's rain, but I am sure it survived.

Thursday 2 June 2011

Linen & Nettle Twine, Hemp Fabric

Today's new product uploads are from our material collection. Through our love of handicrafts, we aim to encourage craftspeople to get creative with natural fibres. New to our collection is our linen twine available in two natural shades. The nettle twine and rolls of hemp fabric are back by popular demand. 

If any of our customers create any beautiful items with our yarn or fabric, please feel free to drop us a line with a photograph and we will gladly exhibit your creation and information of your choice on our blog. We were very impressed with last year's customer creations and look forward to seeing more of your handiwork.

Wednesday 1 June 2011


The London Green Fair will be a free festival that reflects the green aspirations and achievements of London as a whole, as well as providing an enjoyable and engaging day out for people from all walks of life. In the prestigious setting of The Regents Park, central London, with covered and open-air environments, the London Green Fair will be an interactive smorgasbord of both serious and suggestive takes on the environmental issues that affect Londoners. Building on the success of the 18 year history of Camden Green Fair, the London Green Fair is a natural progression and exciting evolution for this original and great event.

Sorazora are looking forward to this coming weekend's London Green Fair where we will be exhibiting our selection of original designs using only natural fibres and colours obtained from time honoured natural dyes. Both the promotion of traditional skills and handicrafts and awareness of pollution and sustainability go hand in hand. We look forward to meeting you all, so don't be shy and come and say hello over the weekend.

To view the website for this festival please follow the link.

Pouches & Coincase.

Today's upload are these three new products from our 2011 collection. Simply click on the product's name to be taken to the product page for that item.

Guruguru Coincase
Guruguru (meaning spiral in Japanese) is the name we have given to our 2011 coin case design.

In a choice of five colour combinations, three colours of Hemp-wool have been crocheted to form the front of a wild Nepalese Hemp body.

Our Hemp-wool yarn has been coloured with natural dyes. These raw materials have been used for both herbal medicines & dyes for centuries.

Megumi Pouch
Crafted from two of our favourite fibres, this pouch combines the organic beauty of hemp and nettle. The wild Himalayan hemp & Giant nettle material has been handmade in the remote villages of Nepal in the same way for centuries.

The felt has been dyed with natural dyes and handstitched to the pouch for added charm. A braided nettle twine provides an easy to use zip pull when opening & closing our megumi pouch.

Meaning "blessing from nature" in Japanese, the name Megumi is idealy suited to this pouch.

Taira Pouch
Crafted from two of our favourite fibres, this pouch combines the organic beauty of hemp and nettle.

This folded wallet's internal pockets can accomodate paper money, passports, cards & two pens with a wooden toggle providing both the fastening and an organic touch.

Taira means 'smooth or calm' in Japanese and its Chinese character makes up half of the word 'peace'!