Monday 1 December 2014

Hemp Pendant Cords

I have always made cords for the pendants we sell and although we sell the materials needed to produce your own cords, I feel I should have them available for those we wish to replace the cord on a cherished pendant.

The cords themselves are made from wild himalayan hemp twine that has been handspun and naturally dyed. We also have a selection of undyed cords. Using a block of beeswax to coat each thread, I hand twist each cord into a strong 6 ply. All cords have a loop and toggle closure and can be shortened to suit the length required. I hand make toggles from many types of wood, bone, antler and horn and have used mostly coconut for our first batch of cords. For lighter and smaller pendants I use a finer machine spun European undyed hemp which results in a much finer cord.

We often get asked for pendant cords so we have now made them available at our stall in Totnes market each Friday and Saturday.