Monday 23 August 2010

Festinho 2010

Three more days to go until Festinho!!!

Tribal Earth 2010

Having only just returned home from a very relaxing event in Sussex, I feel the need to update our blog with the happenings that were Tribal Earth 2010.

Held in Pestalozzi from the 19th to 22nd August, Tribal Earth was a small gathering of like-minded individuals. Entertainment came in many forms ranging from live music to workshops. The workshop that I enjoyed the most was the Raw Chocolate workshop, where Angus Miller (a qualified nutritionist) talked us through the evils of sugar, over-cooking and common supermarket practices. Through using only a pestle & mortor and a bain marie, he created taste sensations that don't have the addictive downside found in all branded chocolate.

Chartwell Dutiro performed in the main marquee. With music from his homeland Zimbabwe he was a real crowd pleaser. (Chartwell pictured below).

To finish off this friendly festival, there was a rather impressive fire show. I have seen plenty of fire dancers at various Japanese festivals, but this guy was a human firework!!
Tribal Earth is now in its 13th year and each year raises money for the Pegasus Children's Project in Nepal. A very worthy cause!

Tuesday 10 August 2010

One Love Festival

One Love Festival finished off late Sunday night after three days of reggae and dub music spread over a few stages. Having our stall near the main stage was appreciated as we could sit and watch some great bands from the shop. Saturday night saw the likes of Julian Marley and Luciano perform.

This was my first time to visit not only One Love, but also Hainault Forest Country Park. This park is very large and can easily accommodate larger festivals and shows. The entire festival area was surround by trees which would quickly make you forget that you are actually within London. One aspect of the festival that really impressed me was the toilets (pictured above). Not because they were 100% compost toilets, but because of the amazing graffiti on the toilet doors. We obviously enjoyed this festival as the photo below will show you that we were the last to leave!

For more information about this festival, please visit their website.

Festinho 2010

Festinho is an intimate, friendly festival held in Bedfordshire from 27th to 29th August. This year will be the first time for us at Sorazora to attend and we are really looking forward to it. This is a small festival that wants to remain small and with a distinctly Brazilian theme. For more information on this festival, please visit their homepage.

Tribal Earth

A new event for us at Sorazora will be this year's Tribal Earth held in Sussex. This Year's summer gathering will take place in Pestalozzi, Sussex from 19th to 22nd August. We are delighted to be able to confirm that we will be opening our stall at this festival and appreciate being accepted at short notice.

There will be live music from around the world, lots of workshops ranging from meditation to drumming and an amazing kids area to not only keep the children entertained, but also teach them new skills. This is a festival that we are looking forward to a great deal. For more information on this festival please visit their homepage.

Tuesday 3 August 2010

Charles Borrell "Echoes Of The Sea"

Charles Borrell is an artist of great interest to us at Sorazora. We would like to share with you his beautiful oceanscapes that express both nature's beauty and power.

Working with either acrylic or oil paints, Charlie seems to effortlessly convey the bond between sky and sea through the line of the horizon. Some works evoke feelings of storms and a force of nature while others have a calming effect on the viewer through the beautiful smoothness of the ocean. The colours will transport you to the Mediterranean and just like the ocean itself, one can easily get lost for hours in its hypnotising splendour.

For me, skies and seas have always been difficult subjects to paint with due justice. Capturing the power and movement of waves and the soft edges of clouds are beyond many an artist's skill, but Charlie not only does them justice, he invites the voyeur into the image to see their own seascape play out before them.

Born at the foothills of Mt Pelion on the East coast of Greece, his childhood years were filled with many hours watching out to sea and taking in the varying beauty of the different seasons and weather patterns. It is without doubt that these years had a fundamental effect on his ability to paint the ocean and its skies in later life.

In his own words he explains "Focusing on the memory of the image than rather the image itself, I explore the essence of a single moment and its relationship with time, space and serenity, giving the viewer a glimpse into a world offering emotional solace."

To view samples of his work, please feel free to visit or alternatively you could pop on down to Greenwich market on a Saturday or Sunday and meet the man himself with a collection of his work in the artist's corner.