Monday 23 August 2010

Tribal Earth 2010

Having only just returned home from a very relaxing event in Sussex, I feel the need to update our blog with the happenings that were Tribal Earth 2010.

Held in Pestalozzi from the 19th to 22nd August, Tribal Earth was a small gathering of like-minded individuals. Entertainment came in many forms ranging from live music to workshops. The workshop that I enjoyed the most was the Raw Chocolate workshop, where Angus Miller (a qualified nutritionist) talked us through the evils of sugar, over-cooking and common supermarket practices. Through using only a pestle & mortor and a bain marie, he created taste sensations that don't have the addictive downside found in all branded chocolate.

Chartwell Dutiro performed in the main marquee. With music from his homeland Zimbabwe he was a real crowd pleaser. (Chartwell pictured below).

To finish off this friendly festival, there was a rather impressive fire show. I have seen plenty of fire dancers at various Japanese festivals, but this guy was a human firework!!
Tribal Earth is now in its 13th year and each year raises money for the Pegasus Children's Project in Nepal. A very worthy cause!