Thursday 13 June 2013

Himal Hemp Shirts

This classicaly simple cut shirt is part of our 2013 collection and uses two fabrics that we love. Until now we have been usually  tailoring our shirts and kurtas from beautiful hand loomed hemp-cotton fabrics. These two new fabrics have been machine loomed which results in a much tighter and tougher fabric.

Our Himal Hemp Shirt was created with hard work in mind as the tougher fabrics hold up well during physical work. In 2012 I had a pair of Thai Fishermans' Trousers made from the darker hemp fabric and was very pleased with the fabric's durability. The warmth of the fabric suited me from spring to autumn in the UK climate, even managing to keep me cool during the summer.
This last production period gave me the chance to use this fabric for tops, and of course more Thai Fishermans' Trousers!

The second fabric we have used is a finer machine loomed hemp-cotton blend. Lighter in both weight and colour it should be great for keeping you cool in summer and providing warmth when the sun disappears. We have kept these fibres undyed giving you a choice of shades that were intended by nature.

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