Tuesday 31 May 2011

Fair At The Joust

The bank holiday weekend saw us exhibiting our products at Castle Hedingham's annual event 'Fair At The Joust'.
With a backdrop of a Norman keep, knights and jousting were the main attraction of this medieval event.

It was not one of our busiest events as Hiromi doing her crochet at the front of our stall would suggest. Our neighbours at this event were Simon & Lisa, displaying their wonderful jewellery handcrafted from cutlery. Please take a look at SIMON SAYS to see the beautiful pieces created from forks and spoons.

One of the many new products for this year is a selection of naturally dyed TT Wool. The rainbow wool was a first for us as we had never attempted to dye wool with so many natural colours. It proved to be very time consuming!

Archery using the traditional English longbow was open for anyone wishing to give it a go and a very friendly jester was doing the rounds. It was an enjoyable event and a great chance to meet other traders and event staff.

Our next event coming up is London Green Fair (4-5 June).

Friday 27 May 2011

Be Nice To Nettles Week

Almost everyone has experienced stinging nettles! As a child, I came into contact with the plants' hollow stinging hairs on many occasion. These hairs act like hypodermic needles that inject histamine and other chemicals. These wild plants used to dictate where we could and couldn't play! I can understand why most people see these perennial flowering plants as troublesome weeds, but everyone should know how the humble nettle has played an important role in the natural world and continues to do so!

The 18th to 29th of May is 'Be nice to nettles week'. This week is an initiative brought forward by CONE which aims to create awareness concerning our Urtica dioica (common nettle).
For more information about nettles and CONE's initiative, please visit their website:
One young lady who is helping to promote the image of the common nettle is Kailee in Wisconsin, USA. One of her projects as a biology student was to create informative webpages detailing some of the many uses of this plant. One recipe mentioned within her project is for 'Nettle Pesto'. I have yet to try this recipe, but it is definitely one that I will be attempting! To view Kailee's work, please click here!

For all the technical details concerning Urtica dioica, everything from ideal soil type, distribution, textiles, food and medicinal uses can all be found in Wikipedia's pages for Stinging Nettle.

Thursday 26 May 2011

Kentwell Hall

Kentwell Hall, in Suffolk, is a beautiful example of a Tudor home. It is open to the public and allows visitors to see all the gardens, farm and most of the House's interior. Built sometime between 1500 and 1550, It has had many owners over the last 500 years and has seen many changes. The impact from all the various families can be seen today, but generally the house and moat remain the same as they were in the early 16th century. 

A recent visit to Kentwell hall in Suffolk was greatly enjoyed as our trip coincided with the sheering of their Norfolk Horn Sheep.

I have seen at county shows that sheering can be completed quite quickly, but what will never cease to amaze me is the fact that the sheep don't seem to mind the ordeal. I imagine they feel quite refreshed to have had such a warm heavy weight removed prior to the Summer months. 

Throughout the farm and other outbuildings, you can find actors playing the parts of everyday Tudor life. These recreations began in 1979 and are still very much enjoyed today. With our love of natural fibres and traditional skills, we thought we would like to share a couple of images of traditional Tudor crafts. Firstly, a lady preparing wool for felting and then finally, single ply wool (from Kentwell's farm) being woven into fabric on a handloom.

If you are interested in Kentwell hall and would like to learn more, please visit the official website!

Hemp Belts

Our final new product upload for today are these great hemp braided belts. Click here to visit the product page for these items where you will find more information and images.

The perfect complement to any natural fibre outfit!!

These broad belts were braided with handspun wild Himalayan Hemp.
Two D-rings provide the fastening for these durable belts.

For the coloured belt, the braiding of five different natural dyed hemp twines create this beautiful coloured texture that we call Marble.

Yuru Patch Easy Pants

Our new product upload for today are these fantastic hemp/cotton 3/4 length trousers. To view more information about this garment, please visit the product page by clicking here!

Yuru Yuru Comfy... A warm design to keep you happy!!

Yuru represents loose, slow & easy.
These very comfortable & breathable trousers will make you smile everytime you wear them. This beautiful greenish blue comes from a mix of Indigo & Myrobalan.

Friday 20 May 2011

New Yarns & Twine For 2011

Our strong hemp twine is produced from 100% wild Nepali Hemp and hand-spun in the same way that it has been made for centuries.

Our hempwool yarns blend the softness of wool with the strength of hemp to produce a unique texture. This year's yarn is slightly thicker than our 2010 selection. It is ideal for crochet & knitting.

Both yarn & twine have been natural dyed resulting in a totally organic product. For more details regarding these items, just click on the products name below the photograph to be taken to its product page.

Hand Spun Hemp Twine

Hempwool Yarn

If any of our customers create any beautiful items with our yarn or twine, please feel free to drop us a line with a photograph and we will gladly exhibit your creation and information of your choice on our blog. We were very impressed with last year's customer creations and look forward to seeing more of your handiwork.

New Dresses & Skirt For 2011

All crafted from a hand loomed blend of 55% hemp & 45% cotton, these natural dyed dresses and skirt are part of our 2011 collection. For more information about these garments, please click on the name of each item to be taken to the product page.

Summer Solstice Dress

Ito Patch Dress

Kodama Dress

Apricot Long Skirt

New Tops For 2011

Perfect for those hot summer days out and about or just relaxing at home. These two tops from our 2011 collection are made from hand loomed hemp-cotton. To view the product page for each garment, just click on the item's name below the photograph.

Putali Smock

Hemp-Cotton Kurta

New Bags For 2011

Crafted using two of our favourite fibres, this bag selection combines the organic beauty of hemp and nettle. The 100% wild Himalayan Hemp & Giant Nettle materials have been handmade in the same way for centuries. For more details concerning these products, just click on the item's name below the photograph to be taken to the product page.

Outback Haversack

Nago-n-de Allo Handbag

Kinchaku Pouch

Sunday 8 May 2011

2011 Festival Schedule

Most of our weekends during the festival season are now confirmed with just a couple of confirmations in waiting. The list below shows the events we will be exhibiting at. To visit an event's home page, simply click on the festival name.






We will update this list with any new additions as and when they are confirmed.

Shambala 2011

Very exciting news for us at Sorazora is an invite to exhibit our products at this year's Shambala. We have heard a lot of good things about this festival and can't wait to join! 

"A weekend at Shambala is like visiting your favourite dotty great aunt- you don't quite know what to expect but it will definitely keep you entertained!  So take the plunge, grab some tickets and get ready for a truly magical weekend full of music, magic, mayhem and of course lots and lots of new found friends."
Whilst they keep the programme under wraps till you arrive and set your feet upon the grass, they have provided some useful information on their website. To view, click here

Shambala do everything they can think of to reduce the environmental impact of the event. Just a few of their action points are:

Subsidised coach travel from 6 cities
FREE biofuel shuttle bus from public transport links
Recycling virtually everything we can
As many compost loos as we can get hold of
Detailed carbon auditing and carbon reduction initiatives
Strict ethical traders policy
Whole festival is 98% powered by wind, sun and waste veg oil

Beautiful Days 2011

Beautiful Days, which is now approaching its ninth year, has music across five stages plus a huge children’s area in the centre of the festival, walkabout theatre, amazing site art, comedy, theatre, family camping, carefully selected food & craft stalls, healing area, play areas and pub-price bars run by Otter Brewery. Beautiful Days is a family-friendly weekend camping festival attended by people of all ages. The festival does not advertise and has no corporate sponsorship or branding.

Beautiful Days is the Levellers festival which takes place at Escot Park in the heart of Devon. Sorazora are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting our products at Beautiful Days for the first time. For more information about Beautiful days, please click here!

Maverick Festival 2011

A festival that is new to us here at Sorazora is this celebration of American roots held at Easton Farm Park in Suffolk. Running from the 1st of July to the 3rd, it will be bringing you the best in roots music from both sides of the Atlantic.

Preparing for its fourth year, the Maverick Festival continues to build on its reputation as the UK's foremost home to the best and brightest in American roots music. The event runs over three days, commencing on Friday night in the main Barn, continues on Saturday with a full programme of musical performances, dance, film & workshops across four stages indoors and out, and finishes on Sunday with its traditional Gospel brunch.

For more information about Maverick festival, please click here!

Glastonbury Festival 2011

It is coming up to that time of year again where Worthy Farm in Pilton gears up to a mammoth festival running from June 22nd to 26th. Glastonbury needs no introduction as it is firmly placed as the biggest festival in the UK festival calendar.

We are really excited about returning to Glastonbury this year as we will be exhibiting all of Sorazora's products in the Greenfields.

For information about Glastonbury, please visit their website by clicking here!

GoGo Festival

GoGo Festival will be held at Headcorn Aerodrome in Kent through 17th to 20th June.

Forget ladies day - GoGo Festival is the ultimate women's weekend! It is the only weekend in the 52 of the year devoted entirely to women, sunshine, music and extreme sports in the UK.

This festival is packed full of entertainment and definitely the most amazing activities I have ever heard of for a festival.
You could expect 50 performers, 2 stages, live comedy, workshops, fun fair, world food stalls & shopping village, but would you expect skydiving, wing walking, helicopter, bi-plane & hot air balloon rides? There will even be a five a side footy tournament! 


This year Sorazora will be returning to London Green Fair. Two major changes to this festival are that it is now spread over two days and no longer called Camden Green Fair.

This free festival will be held in Regent's Park on June 4th & 5th and will reflect the green aspirations and achievements of London as a whole.

We are very much looking forward to this event as it will be a smorgasbord of both serious and suggestive takes on the environmental issues that affect us all.

For more information on this festival, please click here!

Sunday 1 May 2011

Green Glass Pendants From Tokyo

Today's product uploads are these unique glass pendants from Green Glass Tokyo.

Based in Shibuya, Masaya Kuribayashi produces fine glass pendants
under the name of Green Glass Tokyo.

There are many techniques that Masaya uses in his glass work, each with a distinctive result. "Inside Out" is one of the most common and popular techniques which is often used to create three dimensional flower patterns. With this technique, detail is added to the outside end of a sealed glass tube before being inverted. During the invertion it can be twisted to create spiral patterns within the glass before a coloured backing is blended onto the pendant.

Another popular technique is called "Umi", meaning sea. This is where wave forms are created to represent the powerful beauty of the ocean much in the same way Katsushika Hokusai expressed in his wood-block prints of the early 1800s.

Almost everyday of the year, Masaya is in his workshop creating beads and pendants. The hot summer months make it quite uncomfortable to work with molten glass and he always looks forward to the start of winter, where the heat of his gas burner is more than welcome.

We are delighted to introduce his work into the UK and offer a small selection of his work for retail through sorazora. To view a selection of his work, please click here!