Wednesday 29 June 2011

GoGo Festival

The 17th to 19th of June saw Sorazora exhibiting our range of products for the first time at Kent's Headcorn Aerodrome for the annual GoGo Festival.

The weather wasn't so kind for the entire duration of the festival and one particular stall holder had to leave early as wind picked up their marquee and dropped it onto an unfortunate bystander. Regardless of the weather, all of the festival campers seemed to keep their spirits up over the weekend.

Being held at an aerodrome meant that there were some activities on offer that you would struggle to find at any other festival. Wing-walking was perhaps the most surprising along with skydiving, helicopter or plane rides and even a trip in a hot air balloon. I didn't see any hot air balloons and imagine this was due to the strong winds.

GoGo Festival was all about having fun and it is safe to say that fun was had by all of the campers, even those whose tents leaked in the downpours! The wind and rain may have stopped all aircraft activity on the Saturday, but the bar seemed busy and the dance tent even more so when the heavens opened!

A weekend designed for lesbian and bisexual women was an unusual choice for Sorazora to exhibit at. We incorrectly imagined a more alternative lifestyle crowd, although there was enough appreciation of natural fibres and natural dyes to be found hidden amoungst the party people. I would recommend this festival to any lesbian or bisexual woman who enjoys a good drink and dance and wishes to meet like minded souls, but as for the actual festival experience itself, there are many others with a little bit more going on. All of the airbourne activities are always available at the aerodrome at a cost and not specific to GoGo. These extreme activities seemed a tad over budget for the customers I spoke to and it is hard to say how many took advantage.  

We would like to thank the festival organisers for inviting us to come along and be part of the big weekend and wish them all the success for future festivals.