Friday 19 November 2010

Green Glasss Tokyo

Today's product upload are these three necklaces. The pendants are crafted by Masaya Kuribayashi of Green Glass Tokyo and the macrame hemp cords have made by Nathan Schreiber of Atslan.

Each pendant has been produced purely from coloured glass and attached to a fully adjustable ornate macrame cord. These cords are made from naturally dyed and undyed hemp often with a strong wax coated rayon core.

These are the latest three necklaces to be added to the selection available through Sorazora. More will be added in due course, so please do keep checking. All future uploads of the collaboration between Green Glass Tokyo and Atslan will be announced within these blog pages and also on Twitter. If you aren't already following Sorazora on Twitter, please follow the Twitter link on our homepage which can be found through the link below.