Tuesday 26 October 2010

Earth Garden Tokyo 2010

The weekend of the 23rd and 24th saw Earth Garden Tokyo being held in Tokyo's Yoyogi Park.
Yoyogi Park (pictured below) is one of the largest parks in Tokyo located adjacent to Harajuku Station and Meiji Shrine in Shibuya. Earth Garden (link in Japanese only) is held here three times during the course of the year, Spring, Summer and Autumn. Earth Garden Winter is held in a large building in another part of the city. There are many other weekend festivals held within the park making it a popular place to hang out during the Summer months.
Before coming to the UK for the festival season of 2009, Yoyogi Park was a firm favourite of ours. This year AP happy zakka life (the predecessor to Sorazora) was again there. The festival season in Japan lasts about two months longer than that of the UK with festivals happily continuing through October.
The products found at the AP stall are essentially the same as Sorazora, although there are slight differences that reflect the differences in taste between the Japanese and Brits.
The photo below shows a happy customer wearing a Sorazora vest jacket. If my memory serves me correctly, the foliage protruding from here backpack suggests that she has picked up some carrots from the organic market area.
If you are planning a trip to Tokyo, it is well worth checking out what festivals will be held in the park as it's central location make an easy and exciting excursion. The festivals are all free to enter and access buy Tokyo Metro is very close.