Thursday 29 July 2010

"Nepalese Textiles" Book Review

Another book that is more than worthy of a review within Sorazora's blog is a hefty reference book titled NEPALESE TEXTILES. It was written by Susi Dunsmore and is an in-depth look at Nepal's history of fabrics, variety of raw materials used today and mainly an examination on how the textiles are made and used.

Susi Dunsmore has written this book in the hope that the remote areas of Nepal gain recognition for their beautiful and unusual textiles. Her book does great justice to the Nepalese craft of textiles through detailed accounts and an abundance of beautiful photos. Particular chapters of personal interest cover subjects ranging from Nepal's long history of dyes and dyeing techniques to harvesting raw Girardinia diversifolia (Himalayan Giant Nettle). This book also illustrates the different techniques that are unique to specific regions or ethnic groups with methods and technology being passed down from generation to generation.

NEPALESE TEXTILES  is an ideal reference book for anyone with an interest in textile production, particularly those who hold a high regard for material products that are entirely suited to sustaining the environment. Until the 1950's, the kingdom of Nepal had little contact with the outside world resulting in techniques that have existed for over a thousand years.

Susi Dunsmore has travelled into the farthest reaches of Nepal, without such travels and in-depth research this book would not have been possible. Other titles to her name include WEAVING IN NEPAL (1983) and THE NETTLE IN NEPAL (1985).

Author : Susi Dunsmore
ISBN : 0-7141-2510-5
Published : British Museum Press