Wednesday 28 July 2010

Kent County Show 2010

It feels like such a long time has passed since our appearance at the Kent County Show two weeks ago. Being a county show, it was quite a large affair with many attractions and lots of entertainment. On the whole the weather was kind, a few of the lighter stalls had issues with the winds at the beginning of the event, but the wind and rain kept away for the Saturday and Sunday.

It was our second time to be part of the EcoVillage and the staff were as friendly and helpful as ever. Close to the EcoVillage site was the woodland area where we were delighted to find an old friend from a previous festival. The woodland area was filled with wood craftsmen and blacksmiths demonstrating their skills and selling their wares.

It was not all agriculture, as a large collection of vintage cars and motorcycles could be found and each day we were honoured by a spitfire looping the loop for the crowd. There was even a motorcycle looping the wall of death!

If you ever fancy a family day out with the kids and have never been to a county show, I would strongly recommend Kent County Show. It has plenty for everyone. We look forward to next year's!