Tuesday 18 May 2010

!00% Nettle Long Top

Today's new product to be uploaded is this stylish top made completely from NETTLE!

Simply natural & breathable... 100% nettle fabric summer top!! 

This sophisticated yet simple long top is made of 2 kinds of nettle fabric.
The combination of the two natural undyed tones contrast beautifully and the neckline is deep so that your favourite jewellery shines. The addition of two front pockets that tie in with the garment's design add function to this unique long top.

"Himalan Giant Nettle" is called "Allo" in Nepalese. In the mountains of Nepal, allo has been used for centuries because of its strength and durability. it is indigenous and regenerates quickly after harvesting. it grows like a weed and requires no irrigation, pesticide or mechanical harvesting. It is a green fibre with an enviable environmental profile. Unlike our common stinging nettle, "allo" can grow to three metres in height and has the longest natural fibre. This fibre is a valuable resource found only in the Himalayas and provides many Nepalese villagers with a stable livlihood. 

Enjoy the gifts of nature...