Friday 16 April 2010

Greenwich Arts & Crafts Market

  Today was another enjoyable day in Greenwich where we were able to meet our customers face to face. Having a regular presence in such a creative atmosphere is ideal for us as we believe in the importance of getting to know our customers and also our giving lots of extra information about our products and production methods.
  We are pleased to announce that we will be displaying our range of garments and accessories three days a week at Greenwich (Friday, Saturday & Sunday).
  Once again, I would like to thank the market management team for welcoming us. Another added bonus is that I no longer have to miss 'Katsu Curry' as there is a Japanese food stall. Not particularly known as a common Japanese dish outside of Japan, (westerners generally think of only sushi and noodles!), Katsu Curry is THE dish I regularly ate when at motorway service stations during my eight year stay in Japan.

  With this new craft market schedule, there may be a slight delay in the completion of uploading this year's new collection. I apologise in advance for this delay and ask for just a little more patience as we need to finish off just a few more photographs for some garments before uploading new pages. During the course of the next two weeks you may also notice a slight renewal in our webstore layout, this is to increase the ease at which you can navigate the various aspects of our store and also to view slightly larger and clearer images of our products. We are sure you will appreciate the changes.

  The images above show our stall's appearance should you wish to find us and also proof that Katsu Curry really does exist in Greenwich. I strongly recommend it to those of you who have yet to try this dish and I also recommend it to those who know and love this dish and would like to remind themselves of their zeal for it!