Thursday 1 April 2010


Ecchu Fundoshi is a traditional form of underwear for Japanese males. Of the many types of Fundoshi, Ecchu is a length of cloth with a strip of material at the waist to form a fastening. The dimensions are 100cm in length and 30cm in width. The strings are tied around the waist with the cloth at the small of the back, the cloth is then pulled between the legs and through the belt, letting the remainder hang as an apron.

Ecchu Fundoshi were issued to Japanese troops in World War II, and often the sole garb of Allied POWs in tropical areas. This form of loincloth has been used by Japanese males for centuries, but lost a lot of it's popularity after the war with the introduction of briefs into the Japanese market. Fundoshi are currently enjoying a rise in popularity in Japan and are now also being marketed to woman.

Sorazora are pleased to introduce fundoshi into our products. Traditionally made from linen or cotton, our fundoshi are a soft blend of silk and hemp cotton. The warp (vertical threads) are 100% silk and weft (horizontal threads) are 55% hemp, 45% cotton. Pictured below is a sample of undyed fundoshi.