Monday 19 October 2009


KAMANDO is a fairly new market held in Kamakura and organised by our good friend Shinji-san. 18th October was the second time for this gathering of over 200 stalls. The weather was perfect, although a little windy on the coast.

Quite a few of our friends made it to Kamakura to set up shop creating a relaxing, yet busy day. Setting up on hard standing without decent weights made for a few scares with the wind picking up in the afternoon. One stall was lifted up by a gust and Makoto's hanging rail with 10 djembes came crashing to the ground! Fortunately no injury was caused to anyone and all of the djembe were saved from damage.

You can see from the following photo that we have removed the roof from the stall, this was because it was acting as a large sail in the sea breeze. KAMANDO is held twice a year, Summer and Autumn, and is worth visiting for anyone who happens to be in Japan during those seasons.