Friday 16 October 2009

The 6th Country Festival

Sunday 11th October saw the 6th Country Festival held at Sweetgrass camp site in Kita-Karuizawa. Sweetgrass is one of the top three most popular campsites in Japan. This festival had a very strong country music theme to it which was new for us. Sweetgrass sits in the shadow of volcano Asama, which is constantly on a 24 hour watch as it smoulders away.

The following photo will show you what most of the crowd were wearing. The young lady in the middle was a member of the Tokyo Cowgirls who came up to Kita-Karuizawa to put on a show. The other (not so young) ladies helped make up the line dancers.

Another aspect of this festival that was new to me was having a couple of children assigned to each stall as helpers. Of course, with child labour rules in mind, we let them choose what they wanted to do (not that we had much for them to help us with).