Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Fun at WOMAD 2010

WOMAD needs no introduction as music lovers the world over are familiar with this festival. WOMAD UK was held last weekend in Charlton Park, Wiltshire and was attended by many. WOMAD is also held in Australia, New Zealand, Abu Dhabi, Sicily and Spain.

A nice touch to this festival was the fact that a good friend from Japan (and no stranger to UK festivals) came along. This time Yabu was not working and could actually relax and see as many of the bands as is possible. Pictured above sporting a pair of Sorazora LovePeasy Pants, Yabu is usually working on a stall through the UK season. Having just one festival for purely fun, he chose the right festival.

WOMAD stands for World of Music, Arts & Dance and is truly a mix of talent from across the globe. It is described as one of the most unique festivals of the UK season providing audiences with a weekend of discovery. With 70 artists from 30 countries on 9 stages it is impossible to see everything and a little planning is required. It is a camping event, but day tickets can also be purchased.

Not only is there an abundance of stage performances, there are plenty of other activities to keep people busy and entertained. Sorazora once again joined the Global Market where some choice international crafts could be found amongst the usual festival stalls. Taste the World was an area promoting international cuisine and numerous workshops were held. A large children's area provided some relief for parents and by far the weirdest thing was the Human Library. This library consisted of about 25 people each with their own specialist subjects. For a small fee, these people could be borrowed for either questioning or just to listen to their lectures! I'm not sure if there was a late return fee!!

Rolf Harris is still pulling in the crowd. I am sure that his appearance attracted the largest crowd at the Siam Tent. It was hard work fighting my way close enough to the stage to take some photos. My favourite band had to be Hanggai (The Mongolian grasslands' answer to The Pogues). This Chinese six-piece has taken old folk songs of the Mongolian grasslands and reinterpreted them with more than a hint of rock & punk! A must see!!

Sadly we will have to wait another year before our return to WOMAD, but we are already looking forward to this festival as it has easily taken the top spot in our list of favourite UK (if not world) festivals. If you love music and are not afraid to listen to something new, WOMAD is for you. If you have kids, take them along as there is so much for the whole family.