Tuesday, 13 July 2010

"Natural Dyeing" Book Review

With a passion for natural fibre fabrics and natural dyeing, we feel there are plenty of books worth reading. From time to time we intend to upload a book review onto our blog.

To start off our book reviews, we have chosen a beautifully illustrated book that explains in simple step-by-step sequences various techniques. It is an informative compilation of different dyestuffs that demonstrate how to easily make your own dye baths.

First published in 2007, Jackie Crook's Natural Dyeing first explains the basics of dyeing, equipment needed, preparation and quantities of mordant needed. This book comes highly recommended by Sorazora to anyone who is interested in experimenting at home with natural dyes. Natural dyeing is not an exact science and results can vary depending on several factors, but a lot of simple errors can be avoided by following any of the featured projects in this book.

Its simple layout, instructions and photographs teach you the easy way to create a spectrum of gorgeous colours with the ancient art of dyeing. With 30 projects listed with dyestuffs ranging from common onion skins to the more exotic lac, you'll be inspired to produce a vast range of hues. 

Title : Natural Dyeing
Author : Jackie Crook
Publisher : Lark Books
ISBN 13:978-1-60059-222-5