Monday, 12 July 2010

The Cloth Shop

Last Friday saw my first visit to Portobello Road's The Cloth Shop.
Sam Harley and partner Alex Adams have been running their shop in North West London for over 17 years and have built up quite a reputation among film producers for costume material, interior designers as well as creative members of the public.

We had the pleasure of a chance meeting with Sam and Alex whilst we were trading at Brighton West Pier Market the weekend before. With a passion for fabric, their shop is an Aladdin's cave of cloth from various countries including Sweden, India, Scotland and Wales. Alongside a huge collection of linen, you will also find a great selection of cotton, wool, cashmere, velvet and silk.

Sam's love affair with Indian cloth and Alex's interest in antique fabric add a fascinating dimension to their choice of stock. If they don't stock what you are looking for, the chances are that they will be able to point you in the right direction. The Cloth Shop comes highly recommended by Sorazora for anyone who has an interest in or requirement for unusual, antique or natural fabrics. 

“The shop is like an extension of our homes”, says Sam, “It's where we share our taste and interest in fabric and cloth with customers, who come back time and time again.”