Friday, 21 May 2010

Picnic Rainbow Pochette

Today's new product upload is our Picnic Rainbow Pochette. To view more images and information, view the product page by clicking here!

A little nettle pochette with 2 way use!! 

This little chubby drawstring bag is made from himalayan fabrics. For the main body there is a choice of two fabrics, either handloomed nettle & cotton (A:Nettle White) or 100% nettle that is handspun and handwoven in remote villages in Nepal (B:Nettle Brown). 

The front pockets are made of Himalayan Hemp and the drawcord is crocheted hemp & cotton. The shoulder strap is adjustable so that you can set the bag in a perfect position. There is a cut pocket at the back and a clip which allows 2 way use. The shoulder strap can be removed and this bag can be clipped to a belt hoop.