Thursday 6 September 2012

Colourfest 2012 review

The bank holiday weekend of 24th to 27th of August saw sorazora exhibit for the first time at Colourfest.

Held at Holten Lee down in Poole, Dorset, it was the first year for Colourfest to take place and it is safe to say that this festival will continue for many years to come. This beautiful festival offered a rich and diverse program, not just yoga (which is their background), but also music, art, dance, storytelling, poetry and theatre.

Pictured below is Susie Ro performing with her band in the main tent. We were fortunate enough to obtain a couple of her CDs and I know we will be listening to them frequently as soon as we copy her tracks to our ipod, (the CD in our vehicle has reached the end of its life leaving us with just a cassette player!). Another artist who we had the opportunity of listening to and getting to know was Victor Chetcuti, who will also soon be a permanent feature in our playlists. Websites for each artist can be found through the following links:

Colourfest was another opportunity to meet Paul and Maria. Paul is the man behind the Tipi below, which saw some wonderful nights sat round the fire. If you are interested in Tipi hire, tailormade Tipis or perhaps canvas for any structure you already have, Paul is your man. He can be found through the following link:

Paul at Sundor Lodges

The organisers, Rowen and Robbie, put in a lot of hard work not just in preparation, but throughout the entire festival. Their efforts were clearly noticed and an amazing weekend filled with beautiful people was a well earned result. We look forward to joining everyone again next year.

For more information about this festival, please feel free to follow the link below to the official website: