Thursday 16 February 2012

Sorazora's Lucet

Coming Soon To Sorazora

This simple craft tool's history is believed to date back to the Viking age (790s to 1060s), when it was used to create cords for practical use. It is ideal for lacing and draw-strings due to its square, strong and slightly springy characteristics, and as it can be used with an unlimited thread length, it is a technique suited for lengthy cords.

All that are needed to start basic braiding are the lucet and a length of yarn. After a simple cast on, the yarn is simply looped and lifted over the prongs in turn. When the desired length of cord has been braided, carefully lift the loops and pass the remaining thread tightly through.

Sorazora's Lucet is one of our latest editions to our range of craft materials and tools and comes with a clear explanation printed on hemp paper. The Lucet itself has been hand carved from buffalo horn and hand polished. The 55% hemp & 45% cotton pouch has been dyed using pomegranate peel and we added a soapnut seed to the hemp twine closure.

Our 2012 collection will be with us by the end of March. We'll send out a newsletter to let you know when our new range of products will be available online. For a newsletter, simply request your email address to be added to our mailing list by contacting us at

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