Tuesday 6 September 2011

Lodestar Festival 2011

2011 saw the third annual Lodestar Festival held in the beautiful Fenlands surrounding the village Lode in Cambridgshire. Being held in the first few days of Autumn, we were blessed with two days of glorious clear skies followed by a slightly greyer Sunday.

The Line-up of musical talent is expanding year on year and so to are the number of people attending. Not only was the crowd larger, but also the site layout with the addition of a healing area and more stalls. Bands that particularly appealed to me were the Magic Numbers and also the return of Ryan Keen and The Jude.

Pictured below are Chris & Tom who will participate in The WoodVale Atlantic Rowing Race at the end of this year. The boys will depart from the Canaries and hope to arrive in Antigua up to three months later. Whilst raising money for Parkinson's UK, we wish them all the success and hope they enjoy this challenge of a lifetime. To learn more about the boys, the boat or the race, please visit their website www.oarraisers.co.uk

Cambridge Community Circus we on hand throughout the event to provide both entertainment and workshops for those wishing to try their hand at juggling, unicycle and a host of other circus skills. For a more detailed look at all the activities on offer at Lodestar, please check out www.lodestarfestival.com

Last year I mentioned in the festival's review that this was a festival destined to grow.. and it has. I can't wait to see what next year will bring. Word of mouth will continue to do Lodestar justice as everyone attending had a really enjoyable time.