Friday 22 July 2011

Lounge On The Farm 2011

8th to 10th July saw Sorazora exhibit our range of natural fibres and natural dyes at Kent's Lounge On The Farm. It was our first outing to this event. It was a very large festival with several areas to visit, Sadly, all non-food stall holders were restricted to a rather sterile main stage area. We would have enjoyed the festival more in the Meadows Area as it was a little bit more relaxing and some effort had been put into decorating public spaces. 

The line-up seemed to entertain the crowd, although I had to wait until late Sunday to see a band I had heard of. Echo And The Bunnymen seemed an unusual choice as the average festival customer  would have still been in nappies when the band were at their peak. For a family festival, I have to admit that it was the first to make me feel old!! We had hoped it was an event that attracted families as opposed to just welcoming them.

Fenella (pictured above) deserves a special mention as she became a walking advertisement for Sorazora. We hope she gets many years of enjoyment out of the products she chose from our stall.

Lounge On The Farm is ideal for youngsters who want to party, but not suited to Sorazora, due to the young age of the crowd (I feel old again!). For those interested to learn more about LOTF, please visit their website by clicking here!

We would like to say a big thank you to Makiko (Pictured above) who flew in to the UK from New York to spend the week with us. We would like to apologise to her for the weather and now hope she understands why the Brits complain about weather so much. It is just a shame that her visit did not coincide with perhaps another festival. The following weekend's Larmer Tree would have given her a much better UK festival experience!