Friday 25 March 2011

Paper & Packaging

One particular issue that we face in retail is the type and amount of packaging used.
Naturally, there has to be compromise within some elements of our labeling as certain information has to be provided with each garment. The swing tags, labels, business cards and packaging are all made from hemp or lokta paper.

The images above and below show the recycling of wastage hemp and lotka paper. The framed screen is lowered into a bath to provide a level surface onto which the liquid pulp is poured. After checking that the thickness is even, it is placed in the sun where it dries fairly quickly. Fresh sheets of recycled paper are born.

The image below shows the care and attention given to the screen printing of our washing instruction tags. Each tag is printed and allowed to dry before the reverse side can be printed.

The image below shows a selection of our tags and labels. We feel that sustainable production is vital for our entire collection right down to the last detail. The use of hemp and lotka paper is the natural choice!

Lotka paper is handmade traditionally from the bark of Daphne Papyracea (Lotka). These plants can be found in the forests of Nepal between the altitudes of 2000 metres to nearly 3000 metres. Nepalese farmers allow sufficient time for these plants to redevelop, therefore the production of this paper does not affect Nepal's fragile forest ecology.