Thursday 17 February 2011

Rivers Of Kathmandu

Some may find these images shocking to look at, but this is a common site within Kathmandu. Every main river flowing through the city is in a very bad condition and one wonders if the situation will continue to get worse. This is the result of a lack in eduction focusing on environmental issues, lack of sewage management and garbage disposal facilities.

The garbage that finds its way into the main rivers is a vast array of unwanted items, household rubbish, human sewage and industrial waste. Waste synthetic dyes (including Azo-Free dyes!) are not solely responsible for the pollution, but they do play a major part. This is why we can't stress enough the need to return to natural dyeing methods!

For us at Sorazora, a river brings life to the areas it flows through and one must always remember that people do live down stream and have the same water needs as everyone else. The government are mostly to blame for not making people aware of the damage caused and not putting heavy fines in place for those who continue to pollute. Introducing some kind of educational program for children might help ease the problem, but I wonder if it really is possible to clean these rivers and try to bring life back into them.