Wednesday 10 March 2010


Sorazora website is now open for business after my return from Nepal. The production for our 2010 collection is now underway and the new designs will be slowly uploaded from April. This year sees more use of nettle fibre as well as the usual natural fibres.

Felt has made a reappearance after our experimenting with natural dyes proved quite successful. The felting process requires alkaline soaps, which react strongly with natural dyes, and our attempts have showed signs of colour remaining after this process. For this year we have dyed felt after it has been processed, but our experiments have proved that natural dyed felt is a possibility with which we will explore more next year. All of the felt factories in Nepal use chemical dyes as natural dyes are prohibitively expensive and enjoy little demand from customers.

The above photo shows small felt balls in the colours we will be using this year. We are happy that we can now use felt again as we would like to support all the effort being made by the ladies at the factory we use. We would also like to thank Kiran-ji for all his help and support with natural dyes. His experience is invaluable and we share the same beliefs and working ethos.

Please check our online store as the products of many peoples' collective hard work will be uploaded through the course of April.