Tuesday 26 January 2010

Textile Production

This year will see a slight change in our fabric production as we have chosen to natural dye the thread before being handwoven into fabric. This process takes a little more time than dyeing the finished fabric, but will provide a more even and fast colour.

The weather here in Kathmandu is fine and sunny with daytime temperatures reaching 23 degrees C, but with nighttime lows of 1 degree C.
Load shedding gives the city 9 hours a day without electricity and this is likely to increase to a possible 16 hours a day without power. Choosing to use handwoven fabric is a wise choice as only electrical lighting is effected by the power cuts. This problem can easily be overcome by the use of battery power. Tailoring factories have to rely on diesel generators to run their machines.

I will upload further news as we make continue to make progress with this year's production and look forward opening our online store for retail on the 8th March.