Wednesday, 1 June 2011


The London Green Fair will be a free festival that reflects the green aspirations and achievements of London as a whole, as well as providing an enjoyable and engaging day out for people from all walks of life. In the prestigious setting of The Regents Park, central London, with covered and open-air environments, the London Green Fair will be an interactive smorgasbord of both serious and suggestive takes on the environmental issues that affect Londoners. Building on the success of the 18 year history of Camden Green Fair, the London Green Fair is a natural progression and exciting evolution for this original and great event.

Sorazora are looking forward to this coming weekend's London Green Fair where we will be exhibiting our selection of original designs using only natural fibres and colours obtained from time honoured natural dyes. Both the promotion of traditional skills and handicrafts and awareness of pollution and sustainability go hand in hand. We look forward to meeting you all, so don't be shy and come and say hello over the weekend.

To view the website for this festival please follow the link.