Tuesday, 14 July 2009


The festival that took place from 24th - 28th June down in Pilton needs no introduction. Glastonbury is by far the largest festival that we have traded at.
It was easy to forget the scale of things when most of my time was spent in the shop, a quick stroll soon revealed the vast numbers of people and area consumed by this temporary town.
With around 170,000 festival customers, I had expected a slightly more cosmopolitan crowd. I had also expected worse weather conditions more along the lines of that seen two years ago.

We didn't really get to see many of the bands, but we could hear most of what was going on at the Pyramid stage. Closing the shop at around 10pm allowed us to get a peek at Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen. Whilst wandering over to the shower block I was halted by crowd control. Ralph Harris was performing and the area was in chaos. It is good to see that he can still pull them in!!