Wednesday, 28 August 2013

WOMAD 2013

Held just outside Malmesbury in Wiltshire, the 25th to 28th July saw WOMAD's 31st anniversary and the fifth year that Sorazora has exhibited. Back in our usual spot in front of the Charlie Gillet stage, we managed to see a broad selection of international artists whilst the weather behaved for the most part.

A little rain cooled things down on Saturday evening, but couldn't dampen the revelry. WOMAD brings together artists from all over the globe with the main aim of celebrating world music, an aim it never fails to achieve.

  Gocoo were the highlight for us with their Sunday appearance on the main stage. Gocoo (pictured above) are made up of seven female and four male drummers from Japan who with almost 40 taiko drums create a fantastic musical spectacle.

As Peter Gabriel (Festival co-founder) said many years ago "I challange anyone to come to WOMAD festival and not be really excited or inspired by at least one thing", this still seems to be just as true today. Dates for 2014's WOMAD are 24th to 27th July.

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