Saturday, 6 April 2013

Dreamcatcher Kit

Make your own dreamcatcher with Sorazora's new dreamcatcher kit.

To stay in tune with our products' ethos, we have created an organic 6 inch dreamcatcher kit. The photo below shows the kit's components. Natural dyed hempwool in three 10g balls provide you with enough of each colour to produce a single coloured dreamcatcher or alternatively, you could use all three colours. 

The instructions are broken down in to simple steps. Winding hempwool in colours of your choice around the 6 inch cane ring is the first step.

5m of 2 ply Giant Himalayan Nettle twine is provided, although roughly half this length is required to complete the dreamcatcher's web. A simple hand carved wooden needle is included along with 5 lotus seed beads, 1 soapnut seed bead and 5 vine beads. The lotus seed beads are to be randomly added into the weaving of the web and finally tied off at the centre with the single soapnut seed.

Once the winding of hempwool around the cane ring and weaving the nettle twine into the web are completed, all that is left to do is produce three tassels (or as many as you like) and a loop from which to hang your new dreamcatcher.

This dreamcatcher kit will be made available online very soon (within two weeks) and although all components are included, please feel free to personalise the dreamcatcher with any beads or feathers that you may wish to add.

If you have any question regarding this or any of our products, please don't hesitate to contact us via email.
Our 2013 material and product collection should be with us during next week and new items will be slowly uploaded in batches in the weeks that follow.