Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Woven Straps

New for this year's craft materials selection is a range of hand woven straps. These straps are sold by the metre and ideal for bag straps, belts and many other craft applications. To view images of each design and further details about these beautiful straps, simply click on the link for their respective product pages below each image.

Hemp Woven Straps
The strong hemp straps have been hand woven using wild Nepalese hemp that has been harvested, retted, spun and woven using the same organic techniques that have been used for centuries. The hemp straps measure approximately 26mm in width. We have a choice of plain undyed hemp and three different colour combinations using natural dyed hemp twine.

Cotton Woven Straps
Our range of cotton woven straps is made up of two different warp patterns with four colour combinations in each. These straps have been woven in exactly the same way as the hemp, but using a soft Indian cotton. As with the hemp straps, five different natural dyes have been used in conjunction with the plain undyed cotton twine. The width of these straps is approximately 25mm.