Sunday, 13 May 2012

Hand Knitted Garments 2012

With the sun shining through my window, I wonder why we are now uploading a few garments from our 2012 knitwear collection. With our last event and pretty much anytime I have ventured outside since, I realise that in the UK any season is knitwear season!

Hemp-Wool DroPeace Cardigan

Five natural dye colours and also undyed hemp wool yarn have been lovingly hand knitted to produce our DroPeace Cardigan (above) and our DroPeace Vest (below). The cardigan features a cute coconut button designed specifically for this garment and both the cardigan and vest feature a small crochetted drop motif on the back.

Hemp-Wool DroPeace Vest

Both designs are available in a natural undyed yarn and the combination of five earthy coloured yarns. For more information about these garments, please follow the links provided to their respective product pages.

Nettle-Wool Fisherman's Jumper

We have regularly used hemp wool blends for knitwear, but our first garment hand knitted with a nettle wool blend is our take on the classic fisherman's jumper. A sturdy large jumper with drop shoulders has proved just the thing for those chilly UK evenings. The large size allows for plenty of layering up. The image below was taken at Annapurna Base Camp in the Nepalese Himalayas, but my personal jumper was appreciated just as much in  West Sussex last weekend!

Available in a plain undyed nettle wool yarn or a beautiful blue that was achieved by over dyeing the yarn with indigo (leaf extract) and myrobalan (fruit) before knitting.

To view our fisherman's jumper product page, please follow the link below: