Sunday, 8 May 2011

Shambala 2011

Very exciting news for us at Sorazora is an invite to exhibit our products at this year's Shambala. We have heard a lot of good things about this festival and can't wait to join! 

"A weekend at Shambala is like visiting your favourite dotty great aunt- you don't quite know what to expect but it will definitely keep you entertained!  So take the plunge, grab some tickets and get ready for a truly magical weekend full of music, magic, mayhem and of course lots and lots of new found friends."
Whilst they keep the programme under wraps till you arrive and set your feet upon the grass, they have provided some useful information on their website. To view, click here

Shambala do everything they can think of to reduce the environmental impact of the event. Just a few of their action points are:

Subsidised coach travel from 6 cities
FREE biofuel shuttle bus from public transport links
Recycling virtually everything we can
As many compost loos as we can get hold of
Detailed carbon auditing and carbon reduction initiatives
Strict ethical traders policy
Whole festival is 98% powered by wind, sun and waste veg oil