Sunday, 1 May 2011

Green Glass Pendants From Tokyo

Today's product uploads are these unique glass pendants from Green Glass Tokyo.

Based in Shibuya, Masaya Kuribayashi produces fine glass pendants
under the name of Green Glass Tokyo.

There are many techniques that Masaya uses in his glass work, each with a distinctive result. "Inside Out" is one of the most common and popular techniques which is often used to create three dimensional flower patterns. With this technique, detail is added to the outside end of a sealed glass tube before being inverted. During the invertion it can be twisted to create spiral patterns within the glass before a coloured backing is blended onto the pendant.

Another popular technique is called "Umi", meaning sea. This is where wave forms are created to represent the powerful beauty of the ocean much in the same way Katsushika Hokusai expressed in his wood-block prints of the early 1800s.

Almost everyday of the year, Masaya is in his workshop creating beads and pendants. The hot summer months make it quite uncomfortable to work with molten glass and he always looks forward to the start of winter, where the heat of his gas burner is more than welcome.

We are delighted to introduce his work into the UK and offer a small selection of his work for retail through sorazora. To view a selection of his work, please click here!