Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Lodestar Festival 2010

Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th September saw this year's Lodestar Festival. Held in the small village Lode near Cambridge, this young festival is destined to become bigger and bigger each year.

Since his teenage years, Doug has dreamt of staging a festival on the flat fenland that has been in his family for four generations. Now that dream has become reality.

A large area of flat fields has been planted with grass for festival use and there is plenty of room for this festival to grow. With a beautiful view of the expansive night sky, it is the perfect spot for a festival.

This year we were all blessed with a weekend of clear sky enabling the festival goers to chillout on the freshly cut grass and listen to a selection of rock, pop, indie, folk, electro, acoustic and even comedy.

With only a few traders, it was a much cosier affair than many of the festivals that we usually attend. We could easily see that the festival customers enjoyed their time at Lodestar and we believe word of mouth will make this festival naturally grow year on year. We had a very relaxing time and made many new friends with locals who really appreciate having an event like this on their doorstep!

One muscian that I feel deserves a special mention is Ryan Keen (pictured below). He was the last to play on the main stage on the Friday night. His acoustic set with Lee Eksioglu on the cajon and also backing vocals was a real treat.

Lodestar is a festival that we would like to return to next year and we will be recommending it to anyone who likes small chilled out family friendly festivals, But hurry, as I don't think it will stay small for very long!