Thursday, 17 June 2010

Tokyo Craft

Sorazora are pleased to announce the Tokyo Craft area within our online store. The primary intention of this craft section is to introduce selected artists from Japan to the UK market. Some of you may be familiar with Green Glass Tokyo's unique glass pendants from either our stall or previous craft pages. To celebrate the addition of a new selection of gemstone pendants from Stone Dance, we have updated our Tokyo Craft area for ease of use and added pages concerning the artist's information.

GREEN GLASS TOKYO offers a selection of truly unique pendants crafted from coloured glass using various techniques.

STONE DANCE creates beautiful pieces using precious and semi-precious stones knotted into pendants.

ATSLAN carves buffalo bone into tribal inspired pieces attached to ornate macrame cords.

At Sorazora we are pleased to have these three artists on board and through our trips to Japan will keep an eye open for further artists to add to our craft section. For more information concerning these artists or to view our entire collection, please click here!