Monday, 14 June 2010

Brighton West Pier Market

Sunday the 13th of June saw our first appearance at the beach market opposite the remains of Brighton's West Pier. We were blessed with the weather as the sun was out almost continuously and the sea breeze was fairly calm. Being totally at the mercy of the elements would make this a difficult place to set up stall should the weather turn nasty.

We really enjoyed the setting and meeting the folk of Brighton. This is a market that we would love to visit again, perhaps for the whole weekend. We will keep you posted in case we take a weekend off from Greenwich to join the West Pier Market.

An interesting sideshow for last Sunday was a convoy of naked cyclists working their way along the front, the previous day they had cycled through London. The main aim of this naked bike ride was to promote the use of pedal power in place of internal combustion engines. I am sure their campaign was a great success as they would have received a great deal of press coverage (not to mention the undivided attention of passers-by).