Thursday, 18 April 2013

Traditional Lokta Paper

Lokta paper and its traditional production methods have always been something that we admire and have until now only really used it for tags and business cards. New for 2013 are two products which see further use of this beautiful paper.

Lokta is the local Nepalese name of traditional paper made from the tree bark of 'Daphne Cannabina'. The bark is found at an altitude of between 2000m and 3500m. This indigenous handmade paper is renowned for its durability and is steeped in history. The oldest available buddhist manuscripts and royal documents have been recorded on lokta paper. It is still made in the same way today.

Our new A5 plain 40 page notebook comes with four different styles of cover to choose from. The photo above shows an undyed nettle cover on the top of the pile and working your way down are an undyed hemp, brown hemp (dyed with acacia catechu) and finally a green hemp (dyed with pomegranate peel). 

Our final new lokta related products are these hemp covered gift boxes. Each box has been constructed with card and then covered with a finer paper on the inside and sides and Wild Himalayan Hemp as a decorative covering to the top and base. Available in two sizes, each with a depth of 30mm, the larger of the two measuring 75mm square and the smaller box 45mm square. A coconut button has been used for the closure.

The Wild Himalayan Hemp and Giant Himalayan Nettle used for both the boxes and notebooks are harvested from the wild remote Himalayan foothills and then retted, spun and woven by hand in the same way that it has been done for centuries. The combination of these fabrics and the traditional lokta paper make for a truely organic product with a timeless charm.

For more information about these products, please follow the link below to our online product pages: