Thursday, 4 October 2012

Wild Heart Gathering 2012

Last weekend saw our final outing at a UK festival. The festival season has now come to an end for us as the days grow shorter and nights colder. The weather could have been kinder, but Saturday was clear, bright and warm.

This was our second time to participate in one of Wild Heart's gatherings and first at this location. Situated on farmland tucked in a valley between rolling hills just south of Lewes in East Sussex, Wild Heart Gathering was a fairly small affair offering workshops and music.

It was a good chance to meet up with old friends and make new.
Susie Ro sang on Saturday with the guys from Avalon Roots and again with her own material on the Sunday.

Pictured above is Wayne from Wayne's Woods. If you need a hand carved wooden spoon, any advice about spoon carving or would even like to carve your own spoon, He is the man for you.
I had the pleasure of joining one of his workshops at this year's Green Gathering in Wales and was pleased to catch up with him over the weekend.

The photo above shows the spoon's progression from a blank through the various stages to the finished article. Below are just a sample of Wayne's handy work available to buy at events and festivals. Sadly, Wayne doesn't currently have a website, but I will include a link if/when a website is created. For further information about Wayne's products or events he will be attending, please feel free to contact him via his email address.

Due to the timing of this festival, it is rather chilly if away from one of the many camp fires and the valley seems to be frequently windy. Weather aside, it is a small friendly festival in a beautiful location. I believe it was the first time for this location to be used an am unsure if next year will also be there. The official website doesn't give too much away as it tries to keep the location secret!

For more information about Wild Heart Gathering, please follow the link below to their website.