Tuesday, 21 September 2010


From the 17th to the 19th of September saw 2010's Out Of The Ordinary festival on Knockhatch Farm near Hailsham. It is pretty much the last festival in the season as outside events start to fall out of favour with the weather. We were very lucky with the weather over the weekend with it keeping dry. The cooler night temperatures were kept away by staying close to a fire in the evenings. Any fire visible was surrounded by festival goers keeping warm.

This year, Sorazora held a workshop/demonstration during daylight hours for those interested in basic macrame techniques. It was a nice way to get to know people and give them the skills to make their own bracelets or pendants.

Mark Sidders was again giving demonstrations on spoon carving. It was at this festival last year that we had the pleasure of meeting Mark and being his neighbour for a great weekend. Mark's website is still under construction, but can be viewed by clicking here!

We had upsized our stall from last year's 3m x 3m to 4m x 4m. This new larger size is more suitable for our shop as it gives us not only more ground area, but extra height for decoration. We weren't the only stall to upsize....

....MUU (whom we had the pleasure of meeting for the first time at last year's OOTO) had also become much bigger with an impressive new frontage. Muu is a popular stall and I can state from experience that their yakisoba and curryballs are absolutely delicious. Please visit their website for further details of their upcoming events and menu.