Sunday, 26 September 2010

Customer's Crochet Bag Creation

Today's "Customer's Creations" upload is this really cute crochet bag. It was crafted by Lisa in Kent who used Sorazora's naturally dyed hempwool that she had purchased at Kent County Show back in the middle of July.

Lisa used two and a half 100g balls that are a 50% hemp & 50% wool blend. She intends to put a lining in the bag at a later stage. We love this bag and her choice of design really shows off the colours that she chose. We would like to thank Lisa for sharing her work with us and we hope it will inspire others to get creative.

The blue yarn was dyed with indigo and the two different greens are both dyed with pomegranate peel. The use of different mordants creates a different green. Alum was used for the lighter green and iron sulphate was the mordant for the darker green.